Tuesday, November 6, 2007

About Us

Hi, welcome to our blog! The Josh and Lori family blog! We are a little family right now... Our little family started on March 16th when we were married in the Manti temple! :) It was such a wonderful day!! We met, or should I say, reacquainted on December 9th. We knew each other from when we were little. We knew each other in first grade and then I moved away, then ended up in the same middle school together. We had 7th grade English and choir together. We sat next to each other in English! :) After that, Josh moved away to Lehi for the rest of Middle School and High School. One night Josh called up an old friend that we both had in common, and they got together. While they were catching up my name got brought up, and Josh thought it would be fun to call me so the he and I could see each other again and so I could see his mom -- Josh's mom was my first grade teacher and she just so happen to be one of my most favorite teachers of all time !!! haha Luckily I didn't fall in love with my old French teachers son! That would not have been a good thing!!

Here are the flowers Josh gave me when he picked me up on our first date....I LOVED THEM!!! I'm getting ahead of myself, let me back up. Josh got my number the night he and I and Steve hung out. He tried to be smooth about it and said that his sister was getting married and she may be looking for a photographer. So he called me a few nights later. I was so excited! However, I had plans both the Friday and Saturday night that he wanted to go out. I called him right back and told him my Saturday night plans had cancelled. I was not being truthful, they hadn't cancelled, but I was afraid he'd never call back so I just said they were and then later cancelled them. haha. I really wanted to go out with him!!! The first time I saw him knew I was going to marry him so I was very excited to go out on a date with him. I was very nervous too! I felt like I met the man I was going to marry, and I had better make a good impression on our first date! I had to figure out how to get him to like me! :) Our first date was wonderful and special! He picked me up at my apartment and we went to dinner at Harry's. He had made reservations there and I was so impressed! It was wonderful to go out with someone that cared enough to plan a head and make reservations! Then we went to the play, 'It's a Wonderful Life' and I really enjoyed that! When it was over neither one of us wanted to go home yet so I invited him over to play games and have hot chocolate with my roommates. We ended up being together until around 4 am! It was so wonderful!! We were inseparable after that night! It was Christmas time and I could not have asked for a better time to fall in love, it was so romantic! It was wonderful too because since it was Christmas time all of our siblings were in town and so we were each able to meet the other ones BIG family! :) We are both the youngest of 7 so we both had a lot of people to meet and get to know! Josh was very smart, after about out 3-4 times hanging out he started emailing my parents. It was very brilliant of him! They are on a mission in Russia so they aren't here to meet him. He thought it would be nice to write them so they could get to know him. I thought was so sweet!!

These are all pictures of us while we were dating. We were famous for taking self portraits! haha....We'd just hold the camera up and take our own pictures! haha!

We dated for about a month before we got engaged. It doesn't seem like it was a very long time to date before we got engaged but we spent night and day together and we were just so beyond in love! That month was a dream! :) We got engaged and were so excited!! People thought we were rushing things but both Josh and I had been in long relationships that ended up not being right so we realized that time has nothing to do with rightness! We both felt right about each other and that was all that mattered!

Now let me tell you about the first time I had dinner at the Albrecht home. I have to say that it was a little awkward. It was kind of weird sitting at the dinner table in the home of my first grade teacher! Of course it was wonderful and I felt welcome, but it was just funny being there with her. :) It is still funny to think about, but things of course aren't awkward any more. I love every minute that I'm there! And I love and appreciate every home cooked meal we get from my favorite teacher of all times! Josh especially does too because I will be the first to admit that I am not a good cook so he very much looks forward to those meals! :)