Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween everyone! We, at the Albrecht household, had a wonderful holiday! Josh and I discussed it and both agreed neither of us are big into pumpkin-carving so I decided it would be fun to do a Halloween craft instead. It was fun and JJ loved it! 
Then we had chili and scones for dinner and then it was off to trick-or-treat.
 JJ LOVED trick-or-treating! He just kept saying, "go another house?!" 
he was so cute walking up the stairs and knocking on 
the door all by himself. When they opened the door he'd say,
"trick or treat! Thank you!" 
sometimes not in that order, it was so adorable! After
trick-or-treating we had pumpkin pie (I made it myself, can you believe it?!)
and it was delicious. I had such a fun night with my boys! :) 

JJ believes pumpkins are more fun when they're multi-colored, not just orange and green. 

Ignore the hole in the middle, that was how I checked if it was done. I'm really proud of it!

Look at that concentration!

He was so proud of his painting!

Family photo! JJ asked Josh where his costume was, clearly he wasn't dressed up enough! :) haha

Hot Stuff!!! 

Josh came home to be there for trick-or-treaters and this is what he did with his time! haha 

Checking out his loot!