Friday, January 14, 2011

Lori Made This Bread...

This is a photo of some of the most delicious bread imaginable. Well, at least we know the back two loaves will be delicious. We decided to bake some cheese into the one in the front and can't imagine that will do anything but make it even more divine.

If you want to know Lori's secret to baking bread that looks like this, just ask.
It is probably easier than you think.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Newspaper Anyone?

This is my little Newsies baby, isn't he cute?! :) These are his 5 month pictures. He has been growing up so much lately! His little personality is sure coming out! He's very sweet and happy all the time. He makes us laugh constantly! Right now the winner for the Best Friend slot goes to.....HURLEY!
Hurley makes this little man so happy. It is the cutest thing! He will just sit and talk to him and laugh at him. Hurley will just be laying there, not even interacting with JJ and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever.
Hurley seems to really love him too so that makes me super happy! :)
I'm constantly having to wipe JJ, Hurley stills kisses on his hands and face any chance he gets! :)

JJ LOVES his tongue!

It looks like he's saying, "What's up?" in a little tough guy voice. :)

Is that not the sweetest little face you have ever seen?