Monday, November 15, 2010

Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas...

The three of us packed up and flew to Texas! Lori's sister, Cindy, had a new baby just seven weeks after JJ was born, so we decided it would be fun to go down and spend some time getting our babies familiar with each other. We all enjoyed the week, and Lori almost got me convinced to move down to the Lone Star State. If it weren't for the humidity, I might be able to handle it.

Even the families are bigger in Texas. Seriously, who has seven kids these days? It was so much fun to see this big family laughing, playing, fighting, dancing, praying, and loving each other. We really loved our time with the Pritchards and made us wonder if the two kids we've planned on will really be enough.

JJ loves his Mommy. Even after being with him all day, every day for a week, he still prefers his Mommy.

Here is JJ taking his new cousin, Ryan, under his wing. We couldn't believe what a difference 7 weeks makes in these tiny little guys. JJ looks huge for the first time in his life!

Eathyn sure loved JJ. He kissed him, hugged him, and laid on him all day long.

JJ got all dressed up to try to fit in down in Texas. Here he is in his cowboy outfit -- boots and all.

Look who has more hair now!! JJ is going bald, so this may be the only time in his life that I have more hair than he does.

Lori and I love this picture. We finally captured his real smile on camera. He is such a smiley kid these days, but as soon as the camera comes out he is so serious.

Apparently they like guns in Texas...

I bet our kid sat up at a younger age than your kid. OK, he's cheating... I'm holding onto the back of his shirt through the wagon wheel.