Friday, August 21, 2009

Southern Utah 2009

This last week, Lori and I went down to Southern Utah for one last hoorah of summer before my social life ends (school starts up again on Monday).

On Saturday, I went to Zion National Park with Lori's brother and Dad. We hiked Angel's Landing. When we heard about the lady who died there a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't resist going to see what it's like. Here is a view from the very top. It was gorgeous! Sorry the picture isn't better. It was smoggy that day and I took the picture with my phone since Lori wouldn't let me take the camera.

This is the view before the final climb. It's a little intimidating if you look down either side. Straight drop-off!

Lori's Dad climbing up

On Monday we left for Lake Powell. Hurley found two new best friends: Our niece, Ellie, and the lake. He spent almost the entire time fetching tennis balls out of the water.

As you can see, he has no fear of just jumping right in!

This is Morgan. She was Lori's source of entertainment on the trip. She's almost two and is just the cutest little thing. She talks and talks all day long. And for some reason, she loves her Uncle Josh :)

Here I am attempting to jump on the wakeboard. The small amount of athleticism I had when I was in high school is diminishing in my old age.

Lori still has it goin' on though. She can even ride one-handed!!

And still has time to plug her nose when she goes down :)

We were both really proud of Lori's Dad. He got up his very first time on the wakeboard. Even with me doing a horrible job driving the boat, he still rocked it out there.

Hurley had the time of his life and just loved having Ellie, Kate, and Morgan to play with.

Lori says Hurley is more than just a dog. She brought him on the boat with his life jacket just as if he were our little baby.

Just waiting for someone to play with him...

We drove down Cedar Mountain on the way home. It was a gorgeous drive.

Then we went back up the mountain the next day to have a picnic for Ellie's birthday. Lori and Morgan spent the whole time taking pictures and playing together. I hope she loves our kids as much as she loves Morgan...


Lindsay Bunker said...

nice! Looks like you guys had an awesome summer vacation! The lake pictures are really cute!

Jen said...

Fun! Glad to see you guys haven't fallen off the face of the planet! Looks like a good trip before school start back up again. Good luck with that!

Melanie & Paul said...

I MISS YOU! Why don't we ever see each other anymore? :(

Paul said...

That looked like it was a sweet trip! That is sad that lady had fallen off the cliff. I bet the hike had a sad feel to it because of what happened.

We're going to Lake Powell in two weeks...I'm pretty excited for that trip!

Dowland Fam said...

Sounds like fun! I'm glad you guys got in vacation time before school!

The Luke Family said...