Sunday, August 21, 2011

529 Plan

When JJ was born, I opened up a 529 college savings account with the Utah Educational Savings Plan. After taking some time to visit his colleges of choice, I think we may need to increase our monthly contributions. We were able to visit some fairly prestigious campuses this summer, and although we would be proud to have our smart and funny son attend either of these schools, Lori thinks they are a little too far away from home. 

The whole Cambridge area was really neat. It seemed as though the entire surrounding area revolved around Harvard. There was a lot of Harvard memorabilia and people were bustling all over touring the campus. It seemed that with the exception of one white building, all of the buildings were red brick. I'm not sure we saw the whole campus though, so I could be wrong. I think the highlight of the campus visit was seeing that one of the dormitory buildings is called Wigglesworth Hall. Maybe JJ will live there during his first year at Harvard. That is, unless Yale won him over. 

Yale campus had a much different feel to it. First of all, it didn't seem like the surrounding area revolved around the school. There weren't hundreds of tourists wandering around and we didn't have to pay $15 for parking to explore around the campus. We just parked at a meter on the street for less than $1. The buildings at Yale were much more diverse in architectural style and appeared much older, which is interesting since Harvard is actually an older school. I guess that red brick really never does go out of style! When we drove away from Yale I told JJ to say, "See you in twenty years." He seemed pretty excited when we stood him by the sign for the School of Engineering at Yale. If he goes there, maybe he could buy us a house that looks like the building in the last picture. Lori and I both think that would be a pretty classy place to call home. 

I hope and pray that our son did not inherit our study skills. Otherwise, these two visits may be his first and last to any college campus, let alone Harvard and Yale!

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