Wednesday, August 8, 2012

R.I.P. Hurley

I can't put into words the love and appreciation I have for my beloved dog Hurley. He always looked out for me, took care of me and made it his personal mission to make sure I was always happy. Hurley was extremely loved by me, Josh and especially JJ. They were the best of friends! JJ would play with Hurley for hours through the gate. Well, last Wednesday it was my turn to look out for him and take care of him in his time of need. He lived a very miserable life, the last little while especially, so Josh and I had to make the hard to decision whether he had a quality of life anymore. When we, and our vet, decided the answer to that question was no, it was time to put him down. He had severe chronic allergies that we couldn't do anything for. He would scratch and chew himself to death. He had a major anxiety problem and was too scared to even eat unless we were sitting there with him. But finally, the last straw was when my super social dog started spending a lot of his time in our dark stairwell instead of with his family. That was very unlike him and we knew he was depressed. It broke my heart to see him live that way. Josh was my hero and took him to the vet by himself. I couldn't bring myself to go with him. I have never felt such pain as I did leading up to that dreaded day and now that he's gone. I have a major hole my in heart for my first baby. We got Hurley 10 months after we were married, we can't even remember a time since we've been married without him as part of our family! He was our baby and he did everything with us! Once JJ came a long Hurley didn't get as much attention, but he was still just as important to me! While I was pregnant and sick, he was always right by my side day and night. I would even wake up in the night and he'd be laying his head on my bed just checking on me. He didn't like the nights when I was sick and throwing up! He would burrow his body under mine, stand me up and lead me back to bed. The first few days he was gone, I didn't want to see or talk to anyone. I didn't want anyone to find out what happened because the pain was too great and I just wanted to pretend it never happened. But now I feel it's important to talk about it because Hurley deserves to be talked about. He deserves a public "obituary" if you will. If I could afford it, I'd have an official funeral for him. He deserves the best. Even people that aren't dog people will tell you Hurley was the exception. I don't care who you are, if you've ever met Hurley, you know he was the greatest dog and loved by all. Thank you Hurley for all the love and joy you brought to our lives. I will love and miss you forever!

Just a few fun pictures to help remember his life by (not in any order).

 Hurley LOVED to swim!
 Hurley had to wear his mussel when swimming because he didn't care for other dogs so if one would have joined him in the Lake, we would have had a problem on our hands!

 Hurley had to wear a mussel once JJ got big and would try and jump on him. I feared Hurley would have no choice but to defend himself it JJ hurt him. But Hurley never had anything but love for his baby JJ. He loved JJ so much and would always lick him any chance he got!

 Nothing made JJ happier than feeding his dog! Before JJ came along, Hurley had a very strict diet and was never allowed people food. Once JJ was eating finger foods, that diet went out the window! JJ fed him EVERYTHING!

 JJ sticking out his tongue like his dog! :)


Childs Family Photo Album said...

We love you guys! So glad to see that you were able to use your amaizing photography talents to capture many special memories with adorable Hurley. So thankful also, that you have each other to help you get through this sad time. We will miss Hurley, and will keep your cute family in our prayers!
Scott, Em, The Girls, Our Boy and Lucky

Bilanzich Family said...

Hurley was beautiful. having been loved by Hurley was a gift,one that was too special to place into words but your heart was filled, softened, and prepared for J.J. what a blessing for your family to be loved by such a special dog.Hurley will never be forgotten,and always missed. Some of my favorite memories were when J.J. Was tiny and Hurley would go in and find and comfort his crying baby. I loved loved loved to sneak as many ice cubes as I could to him. I loved his cute eyes and paws and the way he laid his head on your lap when he wanted you or touched you with his paw,just in case you forgot he was there. I loved to hear his tail outside the door wagging so hard it seemed like it would wag a hole in the door and wall while waiting to come in....what a gift he was for you but what a blessing you have also been for him....what a special part of your family and a special imprint he leaves,one that in time will bring smiles, joy and happy memories!

Anonymous said...

So sorry Lori!