Monday, June 23, 2008

Childs Family Tradition...

Hey everyone I'd like to introduce you to a long-running Childs Family tradition: FLOATING BOATS! :) It's not officially summer until we've floated boats! Josh thought it sounded so dumb, but really ended up having a good time. My sister, Cindy was in town all week last week so Josh and I decided to take work off on Friday. It was so nice to have a day off! Cindy, Josh, Austin, Rachel, Makenna, Ellie and Kate, and I picked up lunch at Josh's and my favorite sandwich place, Jimmy Johns, and headed up the canyon. It was a fun day full of floating boats, finding bugs and even a little hiking. Cindy is pregnant and due in two months so we did just a little bit of hiking. :) To float boats, you buy cheap boats, NEVER TAKE ONES YOU LIKE, since sometimes they don't come home. So buy cheap boats and some string, find a river and a bridge and that's all you need. It’s really fun for the kids to hold the string and watch their boats. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy this outing! :)

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