Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun weekend!

We had a great weekend this weekend, except for sunday when I was sick in bed all day. It's so lame to be sick! Anyway, back to our fun weekend... Friday night we went up to a cabin in American Fork Canyon with Josh's friends from high school. We took Hurley and went up and hung out by the fire and roasted all kinds of foods. :) It was fun and Hurley had the time of his life! It was cute and fun to watch him run around and enjoy the out doors! Saturday we went to my nephew's baptism and had an amazing lunch after! YUM!!! These cute pictures are from the baptism. Then I had my first experience with IKEA. I have never been there before. Wow! It was huge and there was so many things to look at! Josh and I came to the the realization that we will be spending a lot of money there in the next few weeks. Our closing on our house is supposed to be the 11th. Cross your fingers for us! :) We are so excited. WE CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF OUR APARTMENT!!! Josh did remind me that we will be living in a construction zone since we are one of the first buildings in the area so every morning including saturdays we will most likely be woken up to bulldozers and things. Oh well, I'm still excited! Owning our own brand new place is going to be so exciting! Josh and I are both such clean freaks that we can't wait to not live in someone else's dirt! Everyone is invited to our place anytime! :)

On Saturday after a quick cat nap we headed up Millcreek to go hiking. Hurley loved every minute of it and of course all three of us were beat by the end! It was a little scary for me though, I worry too much about Hurley. Hurley loves to run up and down hills and the hike we were on was on the end of a steep drop off for most of the time. Josh threw Hurley's stick off of the trail on accident and Hurley went after it! Had he not listened to Josh and come back up the start of a cliff he was heading down, things could have been bad for him! I was freaking out!! But he did come back up and everything was fine! :) We love having Hurley so much. He has made us drag our butts out and do fun things! I know I talk about Hurley like he is our little kid but he really has made Josh and I feel like more of a family having him around. He's so cute and so much fun. He's everything I've ever wanted in a dog. Dogs are so much different than cats! Prince couldn't care less if Josh and I ever even came home again as long as he has food and water and our bed to sleep on. Hurley acts like he hasn't seen us in years when we get home from work. He's so excited and it makes us feel special! :) If anyone is thinking about getting a dog, I say go for it! :) Dogs adore you and make you know you are loved and you are very special to them! It's a great feeling. :) Ok enough about my dog. haha....

We will be posting pictures of our new place soon! Our final walk through is this week. YIPPY!! FINALLY!! :)


~Jake and Brianna~ said...

Hey, Lori!

It was great to hear from you - way to find me! Married life IS wonderful. The best move I've made so far, that's for sure. I hope everything is going well. You're blog is SO CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Josh, you are a spitting image of Steve. It kills me. Looks like you guys are healthy and happy!