Sunday, October 11, 2009

How To Share Your Testimony With a Baby

I had an interesting experience at open mic day today. I was attending church in Lehi for a baby blessing at my good friend's church. He was blessing his new baby, Easton, and another baby was blessed as well. Before church started I saw a guy shaking hands with some people and introducing himself as Michael McLean. I figured I had heard him wrong, or it was just coincidental that he shared a name with the LDS musician. After all, what would the somewhat-famous Michael McLean be doing at the Lehi First Ward? Throughout the meeting, I kept looking back at him wondering if, in fact, it was the Michael McLean who wrote the Forgotten Carols and other soft 80s LDS hits.

After the baby blessings, the meeting was opened up for the sharing of testimonies. A few people got up and said some things that were nice and uplifting. Then this Michael McLean guy started walking up to the mic. I noticed that he was carrying a hymnbook with him and figured this would be my answer whether it was him, or not.

He stood up to the microphone and began to explain that he had been invited to the meeting by the family of the other baby who was being blessed. He had been holding the baby before the meeting started and he said that he felt as though she was looking up at him wondering if he was going to testify of the Savior to her. He explained that he wanted that little baby girl and Easton to hear his testimony and that he was going to share it in a language that they could understand. At that point, he walked over to the piano and played a beautiful solo of I Need Thee Every Hour. It was a stunning piece of music and a very neat experience.


Paul said...

That is pretty neat! Great story.

Melanie & Paul said...

lucky!! That is a very cool story! I bet it was neat to be there!

Dowland Fam said...

That sounds pretty neat! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

That is totally awesome. that is a testimony meeting you will not forget. That song will never be the same.