Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daddy's Blessing Outfit

This darling outfit is what Josh was blessed in. We realized this week after hearing that our little man weighs 10 lb 13 oz (on Wednesday) that he may not fit in it by the time his blessing comes around. I decided we better take his picture in it right now just in case. It's so precious and I love that it used to belong to Josh. I think it's so sweet that now Josh's son is wearing his clothes. Thank you to my sweet mother-in-law for giving it to us. I sure hope it still fits by October! It would be so special if he could be blessed in it just like his Daddy was!

Look at those cheeks! They are just so kissable!! :)

I love this picture! It looks like he's really listening to every word his Daddy is saying!

He has such big BEAUTIFUL eyes!! :)

I love my precious baby! He hasn't been feeling super great the past couple days so we have been doing a lot of cuddling!

I know Josh thinks he's JJ best friend, but secretly I am! :) haha

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Jen said...

Love the blessing outfit, that is so special!