Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day in Cedar City

Yep, the Albrecht family had its first family trip. All four of us (Lori, Josh, JJ, and Hurley) piled up in the station wagon and headed on down to the country. OK, unfortunately we don't really have a station wagon and our little Insight was busting at the seems. It is amazing how much crap we had to pack for one little baby!

Here are some pictures of our weekend full of fun, food, horses, sheep, food, family, food, and fun. Did I mention fun and food? I know there isn't any food in any of these pictures, but we ate like royalty down there. Tami, Lori's sister, made sure we each gained about ten pounds before we left. Between her and Lori's parents we couldn't have asked for better hosts.

Lori insists I write about my "near death experience" as she calls it. I was riding Salomon, the big beautiful paint, and he tripped. We both went down right as Lori was pulling up to the riding arena. She saw the a huge cloud of dust, then the horse popped up and I was still on the ground. Of course, she assumed the worst and immediately thought the horse had fallen on me. Turns out Salomon and I both just got a little scraped up, but we were fine.

Thanks Tami and Travis for letting us come play at your "ranch." We had a great time and really appreciated all you did to make sure we had fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash at your house and for being much better hosts than we ever have been here up north!

Here is where we spent a lot of our time. Tami's new house!! Aren't the horses beautiful?

Tami, JJ, and Madison

She is pretty much battling it out with me for the best friend spot in JJ's life. I hate to admit that I think she was winning over the weekend.

Madison's dream come true.

JJ's first horse experience. Spirit was letting him hang onto her.
Not really, but it kinda looks like it.

Lacy and Spirit

Is that a happy face or what?!

That giant is Salomon. The horse, not the guy on the horse.
Travis had to show me how it was done on the monster.

The "cotton balls"

Lacy says they need to sell the sheep back. Nobody really likes them...
Funny thing is, they never bought them. They are just "storing" them for Lori's brother, Wayne.

Three beautiful girls.

TJ and JJ just loving each other

JJ's cousins took really good care of him and made him feel really welcome in the family. He may be just one of 27 cousins on the Childs side, but he sure felt special all weekend.

Lori and her Daddy

Lori's Mommy

Most beautiful wife ever

Here I am trying to control Salomon. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I didn't take my boots or any good riding clothes. Do not attempt to ride that guy in tennis shoes and ankle socks.

Isn't he a beauty?!

TJ told me I "took it like a man" when the horse and I fell. He's such a funny kid.

He also said that he used to think horses were stupid, but he just didn't know any better. Now he wants to rope steers in the rodeo and he wears his boots all over like a real cowboy.

We didn't want to come home and face reality again, but here we are back in the city. TJ, you were right. Cities are BORING!!


Mel and Paul said...

ha ha josh you crack me up!! When did Lori's sister move back??

Summer Girl said...

Totally fun! Gorgeous horses! Beautiful baby, what more could you ask for in a getaway weekend!

Dowland Fam said...

Sounds like fun!