Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who is the Bigger Idiot?

Once in a while in April we get some decent days. It seems like this year there has been a shortage of those decent days. However, yesterday wasn't just decent. It was nearly perfect.

We decided to go for a hike up Millcreek Canyon. The weather was nice, we have a killer new hiking backpack for JJ (thanks to my sister), and it was the 16th, an even-numbered day. What's the deal with the even-numbered day? Well, in Millcreek Canyon, odd-numbered days are designated for dogs to be allowed on the trails off-leash while even-numbered days are designated for mountain bikers to be on the trails, thus requiring dogs to be leashed. Since our dog is not great with other dogs, even-numbered days, when dogs should be leashed, are more ideal. Unfortunately, most of the people who bring their dogs to Millcreek don't follow the leash rules.

To be frank, the lack of obedience to this rule pisses me off. The people not following the rules get all put out when we ask them to leash their dogs as we pass. One guy acted particularly irritated while leashing his dog.

He wisely told us, "This probably isn't the best trail to hike if your dog doesn't get along well with other dogs."

We replied, "That's why we come on leash days so we don't have to worry about loose dogs."

"It's not a leash day."

"It's the 16th. In my book 16 is an even number."

[looking at his watch] "...uh, I guess you're right."


Not only is it a pain for us to have to worry about a dog fight, but the mountain bikers that go specifically on even-numbered days have to dodge loose dogs. I have very little patience for this complete disregard to an established rule in a very public place.

We decided that we can't change the world full of idiots, so next time we'll just put a muzzle on our dog. Maybe we are the idiots for not thinking of that sooner... but then again, muzzling our dog isn't going to stop a mountain biker from being thrown over his handle bars after hitting a loose dog though. I guess that still makes them the bigger idiots, right?

Either way, we had a great time and have made a goal to do the hike at least once a week. Hopefully it will get us in better shape and teach our dog some social skills.

JJ was mimicking the dog - sticking his tongue out and trying to do whatever the dog was doing.

Can your kid show off his smile without taking out his pacifier? Didn't think so.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I just run over the off leash dogs. You should let your dog eat them.

Only slightly kidding. I generally try to be nice to the dogs, even if they're off leash when they shouldn't be. Ironically, the one time in my life that I've broken the even day rule on my bike, and I rode a lower canyon trail because it was the only way to get out of the drainage, I got an ear full from some hikers. Wonder if they give the same ear full to the off-leash dogs.

Where are you hiking in Millcreek that isn't covered in snow?

Summer Girl said...

What a stinkin cutie that JJ is! Just keep at it and you will train that Hurley up eventually! As long as you are putting effort into having obediant dogs and kids is what matters. Its the people who don't care about either that bugs me!

Joshua J said...

We just do the pipeline trail. It is muddy, but no snow.

The Luke Family said...


So glad the pack is getting more use!!

Summer Girl said...

No he doesn't have any teeth yet. Problem not till at least 9 months I would guess. Grace got hers late I believe. You should just email me me at I suppose you could FB me now. Sshh don't tell anyone tho...Does JJ have some?