Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Friends

Good friends are the best! My favorite part about good friends is you can go while without seeing them but as soon as you're all together again, it feels like you just saw them yesterday! These are some of our favorite people (Jon as well, he just happened to dodge having his picture taken somehow). I'm so excited for our kids to grow up together! We laughed about what it was like before kids, we'd stay up until midnight, now our outings end at 7 or 8! But kids are the best and I know no one regrets having them! They just add members to our parties and the more the merrier when it comes to these precious kids!

Zach is getting so big! We were trying to get him to show off his walking skills but he was shy as soon as I got my big scary camera out! 

Hooray for Play-doh!!

JJ's face is priceless! He couldn't figure out why Zach didn't like it!

We try to take a picture of the 3 kids whenever we get together, but this is the closest we could get last night! All three are looking so I say it was a success! :)

Elle loved the Play-doh! But when she kept trying to eat it, we had to take it away. She wasn't very happy!

Elle LOVED Starfall! She's going to be reading in no time! :)

Is she not just the cutest?! When we asked JJ who his girlfriend was, he said,"Elle!" and can you blame him?! Look at that face! Plus they both love Play-doh and Starfall, they already have so much in common! haha

We love our friends! Come and play again soon! :)


Summer Girl said...

Starfall is the best! It has taught Grace sooooo much! And JJ is a doll of course!

Rees said...

Love all the Pics! Next time for sure we need some of you and Josh!