Friday, November 30, 2012


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving was really different this year. Instead of lots of people and crazy chaos, it was small and wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and love when we all get together. But it was really since to just have a quiet meal with family i never get to see. We spent most of the day at my parent's house.

My cute little boy playing the piano with his elbow. Isn't it funny how everything is cute when it's your first kid?! It was actually only cute for a few seconds, but then it was just too loud, but I'm trying not to be an old lady and let him have some fun!

Just a cute face and silly boy!

JJ HAD to give his daddy a kiss mid-song. He's so cute!

I love him, what more can I say?!

My cute mom making Thanksgiving dinner!

And here's my cute Daddy cutting the turkey! I don't know why but I took like 10 of this same shot. The image of him cutting the turkey was making me feel so sentimental for some reason. I hate the thought of my parents not living forever! 

My hilarious uncle Merlin, whom JJ LOVE LOVE LOVED! This is a video of JJ after Aunt Tootsie and Merlin left to go home.

My beautiful Aunt Tootsie! She is so fun! It was so fun seeing her and Merlin! We don't get to see them enough!

It was the smallest Thanksgiving ever, but it was wonderful and peaceful!

Then we went to the Albrecht's and caught the end of their party.

JJ was tired and crabby by that time of night and would only talk to Jon. He loves Jon!

Electronic junkies. :)

Cute Gabby and Uncle Josh! 

These are "the babies"...I love that they're just running around getting into trouble. Well, I love it just long enough to get a picture. :)

Josh's dad holding his baby! 

Kathy and Gunner telling secrets.

Thankfully my mother in law saved me some of her side dishes that ever since I joined the Albrecht family, it's not Thanksgiving without them! :)

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