Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas before Thanksgiving!

Christmas is coming to our house early this year. Last week Josh asked JJ if he knew what Christmas was. He said, "No." Josh said," It's Jesus' birthday." JJ said," And his father? And Jesus in heaven with Hurley?" Ever since then he's talked about Christmas all day, everyday! He wants Christmas music if the radio is ever on (and if it's not he'll ask to turn it on). I don't know how but he can tell if it's Christmas music or not. He's also asked every day if we can have a Christmas tree. He's delighted that we have a tree in our family room (which he calls "Family Tree") AND his very own tree in his room (which he calls "JJ's Tree")! It's so cute! He worked very hard decorating both trees today! He took it very seriously! He's really in the Christmas spirit and I have no idea why! But it's adorable! :)

Helping daddy put the tree together...we are "fake tree" people. I love the smell of real ones, but our fake one is so much easier!

Decorating the house

Pure joy watching his dad turning the Christmas tree lights on!

He's pretty confused about the purpose of the stockings! He thinks they're just big socks!

Decorating the tree

Look as his cute little tongue! He always sticks it out when he's concentrating! I LOVE IT!!

Josh took this one with his phone. JJ saw this snow man box in our basement a long time ago. Then today, all of a sudden he yelled,"SNOWMAN! Snowman downstairs " so Josh took him downstairs and he sprinted over to where I was storing it! First of all I can't believe he remembered ever even seeing it! Secondly, it's amazing he even knows that the snowman box should be upstairs now that our Christmas stuff is out. He never ceases to amaze me! 

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