Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Mommy, what should we make?"

The last couple of days, every time i turn on the oven, or get out the crock pot JJ's run into the kitchen and said," Mommy, what should we make?" So today he pulled the stool over to the KitchenAid and said,"Mommy, what should we make?" I couldn't resist! So we made cookies! :) I would measure everything and then let him poor it into the bowl. He took his job very seriously!

He was in heaven!

Pouring in the chocolate chips

Very pleased with himself!

The plan was to not put very many chocolate chips in because the chocolate chips are Josh's least favorite part, but JJ kept saying, "More??" and who could deny that face?

Eating chocolate chips

I told him to hold the pan so i could take his picture, by the time I had my camera, I turned around and this is what he was doing! So funny!!

We made the yummiest cookies together! We had such a fun time and had a huge mess to clean up! :) I love my little helper! Who wants a cookie, we have plenty?!! :)


Diana Rees said...

Soooo Cute!! I love that he likes to bake with you!

Melanie Wyner said...

I love this!! He's adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Hey bring some on over!!